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Critical Illness - Aflac

Critical Illness insurance can help you and your family prepare for the financial stress that a critical illness can cause.

Provided through Aflac, Critical Illness Insurance is designed to help offset costs associated with the initial occurrence of

a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other serious illness as outlined in the policy. Voluntary Benefits Brochure Booklet

Critical Illness Plan

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Accident - Aflac

Similar to the Critical Illness benefit, Accident Insurance can help prepare you and your family for the financial hardship that can be encountered when you experience an accident. Accident Insurance will pay out, directly to you, money based on a Schedule of Benefits. Whether you experience an accident at home or at work, this benefit allows you to receive funds to help pay for medical bills, replace income while you may be away from work, or help cover the mortgage or energy bill. Accident Insurance is not medical insurance, but is meant to help offset any costs associated with an accident.

Accident Plan

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Hospital Indemnity - Aflac

If you end up in the hospital due to an illness or accident, you and your family can potentially experience financial hardship due to you being out of work. Aflac Hospital Indemnity plan benefits include, Hospital Confinement, Hospital Admission, Hospital Intensive Care and Intermediate Intensive Care Step-Down Unit. Because this benefit is paid directly to you, you can choose how you would like to use those funds. The Hospital Indemnity benefit can help you to pay for your copays, deductible, or any other costs that may be hard to make due to you being out of work, like your car payment and rent. Hospital Indemnity Insurance is not medical insurance, but is meant to help offset any costs

associated with a hospital stay.

Hospital Indemnity Plan

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