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401k & Pension

Employee Pension & Retirement Plans

All employees are required to participate in one of the following retirement plans appropriate to their employee group. The City of Boulder contributes to all of these plans.

Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA) Defined Benefit Pension

For Non-Union, BMEA, Temporary, and Seasonal employees

Fire & Police Money Purchase Pension Plan & Trust Agreement of the City (“New Hire”)

Defined Contribution Retirement Plan for Fire or Police, including Non-Union Command Staff

Additional Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans

The City of Boulder also offers employees the option to participate in one or both of the following voluntary retirement savings plans:

401(k) Plan

Administered by PERA and available to PERA retirement plan participants. Includes an array of high-quality and low-cost investment options, including a Roth option.

    • 401(k) Contribution/Change Form

    • 401(k) Plan Beneficiary Designation/Change Form

457 Deferred Compensation Plan

​Available to all employees and administered by MissionSquare Retirement. (formerly known as ICMA) This plan also offers a wide variety of investment options, including a Roth option.

    • 457 New Enrollment Form

    • 457 Contribution/Change Form

Under either plan, you contribute by deferring either a set dollar amount or percentage of your salary on a pre-tax basis, unless you have elected a Roth post-tax program. All earnings are tax deferred until benefits are distributed to you.

View the IRS's  457(b) vs. 401(k) Plan Comparison to learn more about how these types of plans differ.

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