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Other Benefits


City of Boulder employees have the opportunity to purchase identity theft protection through IDShield. The coverage will be provided through payroll deductions for single or family.

IDShield - Benefit Overview



LegalShield provides legal advice and representation in the event you have need of an attorney. Services include: Name Changes, Bankruptcy, Affidavits, Foreclosure, Landlord/Tenant Issues, Driver’s License Restoration, Traffic Ticket Violations, Living Wills, Power of Attorney, and much more. Members can get a hold of attorneys 24/7 by web, phone or app.

LegalShield - Benefits Overview


Pet Insurance:

Please Note: Pet Insurance will no longer be offered in 2022. Please contact the HR Benefits Team at City of Boulder with any questions.


RTD Eco Pass Program:

The EcoPass is a tax-free benefit paid for by the City of Boulder that entitles the holder to free or reduced-fare use of the RTD mass transit system throughout the Denver Metro area. Reduced fare systems include Local, Express or Regional buses, SkyRide bus service to/from Denver International Airport (DIA), light rail and Call-n-Ride services.

If you need to return home from work because of illness or an emergency, or you need to work late without prior notice, Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) can get you there. Call the Guaranteed Ride Home service line at 866-970-7480 to request transportation home and to receive your authorization number.

When the taxi arrives, provide the driver with the authorization number and show the driver a photo ID, such as your EcoPass, driver’s license or state ID. For more information on this program call DRCOG Way to Go at 303-480-6745.

To access services call 866-970-7480 to obtain an authorization number.


Well-Being at Work

The City of Boulder cares about you and your overall health. With Well-Being@Work, you can take advantage of a wide-range platform of benefits and wellness initiatives to help you maintain or achieve your optimal health.

Good health is vital to the success of our organization and we encourage you to take advantage of all the programs and benefits Well-Being@Work has to offer!

Visit Well-Being@Work online for more information:


Magellan Healthcare Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Paid for by the City of Boulder No matter where you are on your journey, there are times when a little help can go a long way. An Employee Assistance Program offers you and your family members assistance with anything from checking off daily tasks to working on more complex issues.

Provide at no cost to you and your family Includes:

     • Up to 6 counseling sessions per issue

     • Confidential service provided by a third party

     • Available 24/7/365

Magellan EAP Contact number is: 1-800-523-5668

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