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City Holidays

9 full and 2 half days

• New Year’s Eve (½ day)

• New Year’s Day

• Martin Luther King Jr. Day

• President’s Day

• Memorial Day

• Independence Day

• Labor Day

• Veterans Day

• Thanksgiving Day

• Christmas Eve (½ day)

• Christmas Day

Floating Holidays

• Floating holidays are given at the time of hire. Employees can use this time for any purpose.

• “Use it or lose it” Floating holidays must be used in the year accrued by Pay Period 26.


                                     Floating Holiday Chart




• Accrues Every Pay Period

• BMEA/MGMT Full-Time
• Earn 3.39 hrs./pp FT (pro-rated if part-time)
         • Can rollover into next year –BMEA max 280 hrs., MGMT max 320 hrs.

         • Vacation accruals increase with tenure.

Police and Fire refer to union contract.

Vacation Accrual Information

Sick Leave

• Accrues Every Pay Period

• Receive 4.31 hrs./pp FT (pro-rated if part-time)
         • Can roll over into next year
         • No Maximum

Police and Fire refer to union contract.

Additional Leaves Available:

• Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

• Emergency Leave

• Short- and Long-Term Disability

• Paid Parental Leave

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