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Disability Plans

Disability insurance provides loss of income protection to you in the event of a serious injury or illness.


Fire & Police Pension Association (FPPA):

BPOA and IAFF employees have Death and Disability through the Fire & Police Pension Association (FPPA) up to the age of 55. BPOA and IAFF employees over the age of 55 are eligible for city-paid LTD provided they meet the provisions of the plan.


Public Employee’s Retirement Association (PERA):

Management/Non-Union and Boulder Municipal Employees Association (BMEA) employees who have achieved vesting (5 years of service credit) with PERA are automatically eligible for their short-term disability coverage and/or disability retirement.

Please review the Colorado PERA Disability Program brochure:


City‐Paid Short Term and Long Term Disability Benefits (STD and LTD):

This coverage can provide security while working toward PERA vesting or after an employee is no longer eligible for FPPA. The employee is required to exhaust all accrued unused sick time before the City coverage provides a benefit for (60% of an employee’s wages for STD for BMEA and MGMT), (50% for LTD for BMEA, MGMT, IAFF and BPOA). Additional information for each work group can be found on the Boulder@Work website.


All benefits are pro-rated based on the number of hours worked and eligibility depends on the years of service.


Please review the Standard Insurance Company Certificates of Coverage for more detailed information on the City’s STD and LTD benefits.

Short-Term Disability

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Long-Term Disability

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